Scientists in a lab.



The ENVISION_2027 project will address both the current need of transitioning from conventional classroom teaching of Bioscience studies into digital remote teaching, as well as improving the current status of online teaching and e-learning course modules across Europe for the future needs.

The main objective of the ENVISION_2027 project is to innovate new e-learning course modules, which would provide the students a possibility to do laboratory exercises online and engage actively in teamwork in digital environments.

The project consists of six partners:

All the partners have in-depth experience in research and know-how on how to do high-quality e-learning modules and deliver online teaching of their specific areas of expertise within Biosciences.

ENVISION_2027 started in June 2021 and will end in May 2023. The project is funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme.

More information on the Erasmus+ funding in Finland on the Finnish National Agency of Education website.