People walking up the stairs in Aurum building in Turku, Finland.

Bridging from Remote to In-Person Teaching – Register for Envision_2027 Symposium by 15 May!

The first Envision_2027 Multiplier Event will be held in Turku, Finland on May 25th. You can also attend the event with remote access.

In the event there will be presentations for example on virtual laboratory Labster,  Aiforia web microscope and on how to support student engagement and collaboration with learning analytics.

Register for the event by 18 May 2022!


Palladium (C103) and Rhodium (C104) seminar rooms in Åbo Akademi Aurum (Henrikinkatu 2, 20500 Turku, Finland), May 25th  2022

12.15: Welcome to Envision_2027 Multiplier Event

  • Tiina Salminen (ÅAU)

12.30: Trapped in Net – How did we Survive the Transition in Teaching?

  • Enhancing practical teaching through digital tools – emerging examples from UK and other European institutions.
    (Aysha Divan and Christopher Randall, UoL)
  • Remote and hybrid learning in schools – pedagogical solutions for science education.
    (Marianna Vanhatalo, Turku International School, Turun Normaalikoulu)

13.30: Teaching Laboratory Skills – Teacher Stories and Solutions

  • Labster – solution for virtual laboratory, experiences from ÅAU
    (John Narroway, Labster and Pirkko Heikinheimo, ÅAU)
  • Teaching histology using the Aiforia web microscope (Diana Toivola, ÅAU)

14.30: Coffee break (possibility to test Labster, Web microscope)

15.00: Teaching Social Skills – How to Monitor Group Work?

  • Student evaluation of group work in online learning (Serhii Vakal, ÅAU)
  • Supporting student engagement and collaboration – possibilities from learning analytics (Mohamed Saqr, UEF)

16.00: End of workshop



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