Eskelinen group

Research topics: Autophagy and the small GTPase RAB24

The small GTPase RAB24

RAB24 is a small GTP-binding protein that we showed to function in the late phase of the macroautophagy pathway. RAB24 is an understudied and unusual member of the RAB protein family. We study the biological functions and molecular mechanisms of RAB24 using modern cell and molecular biology techniques including proximity biotinylation, RNA sequencing, immunofluorescence stainging, immunoprecipitation and immunohistochemistry. Our preliminary data suggest roles for Rab24 in several intracellular processes in addition to autophagy.


Membrane dynamics during autophagosome biogenesis

Autophagy is a lysosomal degradation pathway for cytoplasmic material and organelles, which maintains cellular homeostasis during nutrient deprivation and stress. We investigate the membrane dynamics during autophagosome biogenesis using advanced imaging techniques including three-dimensional electron microscopy, live-cell imaging and correlative light-electron microscopy.

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