Article in Aurora

An article about biomedical imaging was published in the University of Turku  journal Aurora. The article is in Finnish and entitled “Kuvantamisella näkymätön muuttuu näkyväksi”.

Welcome Mona!

BSc. Monire Vatandoust has started as researcher in our group. Her research is related to application of machine learning to cardiovascular diseases. Welcome!

Welcome Hassan!

BSc. Muhammad Hassan Nawaz started as research assistant and as Master’s thesis worker in our group. His research project is related to application of machine learning to Alzheimer’s disease. Hassan’s thesis is about machine learning and cardiac PET imaging. Welcome!

Welcome Anting!

BSc. Anting Li started her Master’s thesis work in our group. She will be testing analysis methods for detecting breast cancer metastasis from PET images. Welcome!

Welcome Maria!

Dr. Maria Jaakkola started as postdoc in our group in the beginning of September. She has completed her PhD in Applied Mathematics last May. Maria will be working on analysis of whole body PET images. Welcome!

Seyed Hosseini graduated

Congratulations Seyed on your Master’s degree! Seyed’s thesis entitled Applying Transfer Learning in Classification of Ischemia from Myocardial Polar Maps in PET Cardiac Perfusion Imaging can be found here

Effect of TOF Reconstruction in FDG PET/MR Neuroimaging

Our new article “Are Quantitative Errors Reduced with Time-of-Flight Reconstruction When Using Imperfect MR-Based Attenuation Maps for 18F-FDG PET/MR Neuroimaging?” is out now in special issue Methods, Applications and Developments in Positron Emission Tomography at Applied Sciences.