Strategy 2021–2030 of Leala


Leala is a nationally and internationally influential and attractive centre for language learning research. The research conducted at Leala focuses on second and foreign language learning in particular, and the strengths of the centre lie in multilingualism and multidisciplinarity. Leala supports researchers interested in language learning at all stages of their career. Leala collaborates closely with other research centres and the doctoral programme in Languages and Translation Studies at the University of Turku, and we bring a research-based perspective to the societal discussion surrounding language learning by highlighting the importance of continuous learning.


Leala is known both nationally and internationally for its practices that promote methodological multidisciplinarity and ethical sustainability. We are a socially significant agent that connects researchers, language teachers, and other actors.

Strategic profiles

Leala’s research implements the themes in the strategy of the University of Turku (2021–2030), which are:

  • internationality;
  • interdisciplinarity;
  • open science;
  • sustainable development;
  • collaboration and interaction;
  • digitalisation and well-being.

Leala’s activities are connected especially to the following strategic profiles of the university:

  • Children, young people, and learning;
  • Future technologies and digital society;
  • Cultural memory and social change.

Leala follows these themes and profiles by providing platforms that enable networking and collaboration with actors from other disciplines, higher education institutions, and working life.


Creativity: Leala provides a community for researchers to present new ideas and even surprising perspectives in a safe environment.

Openness: Leala promotes openness in all of its activities, including data, methods, research results, communication as well as collaboration among researchers.

Ethical principles: At Leala, the ethical principles of research are thoroughly considered and documented. Our research follows common ethical guidelines regarding data, methods, and the object of study.

Critical thinking: Leala promotes courses of action that help to acknowledge and make visible the effects of choices made by an individual researcher.

Strong community: At Leala, imperfection and incompleteness are accepted. The research centre encourages its researchers to share best practices and know-how in a fair and sustainable way.