Laboratory and coring facilities


Bartington MS2 susceptibility meter with a loop sensor (60 mm), a MS2E1 sensor and automatic logging instrument at 2 mm stepping

Tornado M4 micro-XRF spectrometer with 2 SDD detectors

Molspin spinner magnetometer

Molspin pulse magnetizer up to 1 Tesla

Conventional X-ray radiography instrument

Epoxy impregnation facility of wet sediments

Thin section laboratory

Laser particle analyzer

Cryptotephro separation facility

Phosphorus fractionation facility

Cold room and freezers for sample storage

YSI multiparameter water quality sonde

Stereo microscopes & microscopes for micro fossils analysis

Olympus Delta DP-6500 Hand XRF

Coring facilities

Surface samplers

  • Wedge type ice finger sampler (1.5 m)

  • Post box type ice finger sampler (40 cm)

  • HTH Kajak

  • Limnos sediment sampler (old and new version)

  • Mini ice finger samplers

Peat corers

  • Several size of chamber 50cm-100 cm with steel or aluminum rods

Piston corers

  • Livingstone type piston corers, core tube max 500 cm, diameter 50-64 mm with 2 or 5 m long aluminum rods and steel rods. Max operating water depth 30-35 m.

  • Kullenberg corer with tripod. Maximun operating water depth 90-100 m with 3-5 m long core tubes. Light version with 90 kg steel weights.

Several hand operated ice drills and motor ice drills

Ice saws

Warm overalls and rubber boots for winter field works