Sustainable Landscape Systems Research Group

Welcome to the website of Sustainable Landscape Systems Research Group!

We are passionate about integrating social, ecological and technological domains to study human-nature interactions in multifunctional landscapes. Our research has a strong place-based approach, with expertise in geospatial approaches, earth observation, participatory mapping, and qualitative approaches.

We develop methods for the integration of various geospatial data, emerging technologies, such as 3D virtual landscapes, and qualitative creative data. Integration of expert and local knowledge is at the core of our work. We aim to enhance a transdisciplinary approach in the spatial planning and management of land, resources, and nature. We work both in the Global North and South and across urban, rural, and protected landscapes with the aim to support resilience and transformations towards sustainability. The transdisciplinary and applied perspective of our research aims at guiding planners and policy makers. This means, we collaborate with cities, municipalities and governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations. We also promote innovation with businesses.