Oberon and Arcturus -ships brochure cover.

Library100: Never Ending Voyage

Would you like to take a look behind the curtain of the world’s many forms of travel – state visits, expeditions, tours or time travel?  In honor of Turku University Library’s 100th anniversary, we offer you the opportunity to break away from everyday life for just a moment – where and when, it’s up to you!

Design and production: Jaana Taylerson ja Sara Kannisto
Technical implementation: Sara Kannisto
Texts and photos:  Annamari Leppäniemi, Ann-Louise Paasio, Jaana Taylerson, Joni Lanki, Jouko Miettinen, Jouni Leinonen, Katri Ojaniemi, Lassi Toppinen, Liisa Hilander, Sara Kannisto, Tuulia Salovaara