LUMODI – The relationship between nature and well-being of immigrants in physical and digital environments

The LUMODI project contributes to the theory and practice of sustainable urban development and smart cities co-designing and co-producing with immigrants free time activities in the nature for connected, meaningful, cohesive, and healthy urban life. All the activities are co-designed and co-produced adopting the systemic perspective of Pervasive Information Architecture (PIA).
LUMODI has started its activities on March 2020 and ended in December 2021.

LUMODI involves the Department of Geography and Geology, division of Geography of the University of Turku; the City of Turku (Coordination of Immigration; Recreation Division/Cultural Services, Sports Activity Services; Recreation Division/Museum Centre of Turku); psychologists with extensive experience in immigrants and refugees’ mental health and nature connection; Architecta (“Italian Society for Information Architecture”).