LuotAI — Co-Creativity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the web pages of the LuotAI project, funded by Kone foundation (2020-2023).

LuotAI is a bold initiative: we consider independently learning artificial intelligence (AI) as a novel actor alongside humans in the process of creation. AI changes the process of creation profoundly. Unlike the developers of creative AI, we argue that AI does not have to be creative alone or like a human. In the era of AI, the human and AI are creative together. We challenge the thin empirical research on co-creativity of humans and AI that has been produced separated from the everyday process and space where creativity takes place. It is time to redefine creativity in the era of AI: as co-creativity in the process of creation by the human and AI, and in the everyday space where creativity takes place.

LuotAI analyses the process of co-creation by the human and AI in the everyday space in sciences, arts, and their boundaries. We develop a novel method of analysis that allows collecting detailed data along four years about (i) the process of creation in everyday space, (ii) moments of creativity, and (iii) outcomes that are evaluated as creative (or not), and about the role of AI in each stage (i-iii). We focus on about 50 researchers and artists and collect interviews, videos of their AI demonstrations, and evaluation reports of their outcomes. We analyse in detail the creative process of about 12 artists and scientists and map their mobility, emotions, creative moments, and outcomes of creation. Similar long-term empirical research on the processes of creation in everyday space has not been done before.

LuotAI is bold: we challenge current research about the creativity of humans and AI. We conduct an empirical analysis of creative process in everyday space that has not been done before. We are a group of young, international postdoctoral researchers who cross boundaries boldly. We cross boundaries of academic disciplines and combine researchers of human and engineering sciences. We cross the boundary of arts and sciences to redefine creativity in the era of AI together with researchers and artists.