Kuvaaja: Hanna Oksanen


The conference will be held on the University of Turku campus, at the walking distance from the city center. Details will be announced later. You can read more about Department of Archaeology at the University of Turku campus > Geohouse website

Turku has two universities, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. University of Turku has been founded 1920, although the city’s history with university education is much longer, dating back to 17th century. The University of Turku has a wide and vivid campus next to the city center. University’s Department of Archaeology has its focus especially in the study of the Iron Age and the Middle Ages as well as utilizing methods from the natural sciences.

Information about University of Turku > University of Turku website

Turku is a beautiful coastal city in South-Western Finland with 192,000 inhabitants. It´s oldest town in Finland, and its history has been studied in several archaeological excavations. Visible reminders of its medieval background are Turku Cathedral, Turku Castle, and archaeological museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova. Art and history museums, cafes and restaurants are gathered near the river Aurajoki, which is running through the city.

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