The Open Science Accelerator of the University of Turku serves as a platform where it is possible to get to know how responsible and impactful research is carried out in our university.The Open Science Accelerator aims to stimulate and facilitate especially researchers to put open science into practice.


Open Up! -blog

Open Up! -blog’s main themes are open science and impact.
The main goal of the blog is to foster a culture of Open Science.
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Our Open Science Communities

Our Open Science Communities are active networks where both newcomers and experienced peers can interact and inspire each other to adopt Open Science practices. These networks can operate in Finnish or English.

Open Science Community Turku

The Open Science Community of Turku provides a place for both newcomers and experienced peers to interact and to inspire each other to adopt Open Science practices in their workflows.

Wow, what an impact! -podcast

The podcast series concentrates on scientific research and it’s impact.
In each episode a different guest is interviewed and the episodes are mainly in Finnish with some special episodes in English.

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