Ossa gloriosa – glorious bones – relics

These pages contain information on research and art projects related to medieval cults of relics.

The liturgy for Thomas Aquinas’s Translatio describes the joy of friars of Preachers when they obtained Thomas’s relics in Toulouse in 1369:

R./ Our sacred faith rejoices,/Long deprived/Of its dearest treasure,/Now, at last, it has regained/The bones of the teacher whom it nourished/And perfected in his learning.V./ It has now regained his bones,/Restored from their first grave/And received with joyful hearts. R. The bones.

The citation: Responsorium prolixum 2 II modus, see Vuori et al., The Medieval Offices of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Helsinki: Sibelius Academy, 2019, p. 300.

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Photo: Golden Chamber, St. Ursula, Cologne
Credits: Marika Räsänen