Sea and Maritime Studies – University of Turku

The Sea and Maritime Studies is one of the six thematic entities in the strategy of the University of Turku. The profiling builds upon the strong multidisciplinary basis, integrating existing and emerging topics with a focus on marine and coastal nature, economies and cultures. It constitutes a nationally and internationally unique profile. The profile area is a collaborative effort with the Åbo Akademi University.

The Sea and Maritime Studies consists of the aquatic and environmental studies, combined with research and training in logistics, shipbuilding, port development, maritime law and cultural studies. It builds on the multidisciplinary strengths of the university and brings them into a joint profiling area.

The Sea and Maritime Studies is a collective design for research, education and societal impact of maritime studies across disciplines at the University of Turku through new openings, ideas and innovative research. The research network is open to all researchers and students as well as interested partners and stakeholders from elsewhere.

The profiling area is rooted in our long-term research history and excellent research infrastructures in the coastal region of the SW Finland. Here, the unique archipelago environment, long-term settlement history, and diverse marine and maritime sectors are combined. This has provided empirical data for several disciplines for decades.