2023 Selma report

The report of SELMA’s year 2023 has now been published and is accessible on our website.

“In 2023, the SELMA community was glad to meet in person again and resume its on-site activities after the pandemic. We continued interdisciplinary discussion on key concepts that bring to-gether scholars from different fields – for example, we organized a workshop on the concept of life-writing and a symposium on the ethics of life-storying. – – Please spread the word about SELMA and encourage anyone interested – including students and junior scholars – to become affiliated with the centre and join our activities. Thank you to all members and friends of SELMA for joining our activities in 2023, and we look forward to further collaboration with you in the years to come.”

– Hanna Meretoja, Director, Professor of Comparative Literature & Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, Vice Director, University Lecturer of Cultural History

SELMA Summer Newsletter will arrive shortly to those subscribed to our mailing list, and will include information of our summer and early autumn activities. Our full autumn programme will be published in late August. Until then, the Selma team wishes everyone a lovely and relaxing summer!