Structural Geology Group Turku-Åbo

The Structural Geology Group (SGG) Turku-Åbo was launched in October 2019 and is based in the Geohouse of Turku, located in the heart of the historical city of Turku. Geohouse hosts the geology units of the Universities of Turku and Åbo Akademi, as well as the Archaeology unit of the University of Turku. SGG coordinates the structural geological research conducted within teh Geohouse and also provides a platform for the ongoing PhD projects within structural geology and 3D-modelling.

Research conducted under SGG aims at strengthening the thematic profile “Fennoscandian bedrock” of Geohouse. SGG research has two overriding focus areas: Regional structural evolution of the crust and Brittle structures of the bedrock. Our research provides datasets and solutions to i) scientific questions arising from the basic research, as well as to ii) the societal needs associated with geoscientific applications such as supply of raw materials and ground water and bedrock engineering.  Furthermore, our group has developed expertise within issues related to the geological disposal of the spent nuclear fuel.

Methodologically, all the research is conducted within digital 3-D modelling environment, utilizing the publically available datasets such as geological and geophysical maps and elevation data. New datasets are, depending on the target, acquired by e.g. drones and 3D-photogrammetric methods, but in all the cases the core of the research insight is gained by on-site field observations and collections of structural readings with a geologist compass.

The group consist of senior researchers and PhD students, complemented by shorter-period contributions by MSc students. We aim at working within a relaxed atmosphere, sharing expertise and experiences within the group and by active national and international networking.