Kuvaaja: Seilo Ristimäki

The SOLID project

When does being defended really help victims of bullying?

The SOLID project

Does being defended help or hurt victims of bullying?

Anti-bullying programs encourage youth to defend victims, assuming that this stops bullying and promotes victims’ well-being. However, defending attempts are not always effective or they might even work adversely. This project tests whether victims’ social cognitions, defender- / victim characteristics and classroom norms contribute to successful defending in elementary and secondary schools. Data collection for this project will start in autumn 2022.

SOLID identifies Success factors that Optimize the Longitudinal positive Impact of Defending. SOLID has been designed by Dr. Lydia Laninga-Wijnen (University of Turku) and it has been funded by the Dutch Scientific Institute (NWO) and the Research Council of Finland (decision number 349560).