Welcome to Turku AI Academy!

AI Academy is a center of University of Turku for artificial intelligence research and education. Our university is multidisciplinary in terms of science and research. AI Academy aims to bring all the different branches of science together with artificial intelligence education.  Our goal is to create the ground work for collaboration within University of Turku and for companies that want a better understanding of AI – how it works and how it will affect you.

It’s commonly known that artificial intelligence will change the way we live and work. To answer the call for more AI education, Turku AI Academy will provide students with a AI minor subject (Tekoäly25) they can incorporate to their degree. The main focus of our AI minor is to educate the basic principles of artificial intelligence and how it’s used in the economy, judicial system or the ethical problems we face. The minor is set to start in January 2020, but the enrollment starts in September 2019, so mark your calendars.