Céline Arzel PhD, Docent+358408778636

Dr. Céline Arzel

2020-2025  Academy research fellow, UTU

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Amalie Vigdel Ask

PhD student within the DISRUPT project 2020-2024

University of Stavanger – MSc Biological chemistry

Norwegian University of Science and Technology – MSc Ecotoxicology

University of Saskatchewan – BSc Toxicology

SeyyedSajjad Vakili Shahrbabaki

PhD student, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
2022-2025: Incubation behavior of ducks as an indicator of environmental condition and contamination

Sunniva Helene Frøyland

Grantee for the EIDEAR project from May to June 2021

MSc student within the DISRUPT project 2020-2022

Norwegian University of Science and Technology – MSc Environmental Toxicology (currently)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology – BSc Biology

Juho Jolkkonen

Juho has been recruited within the EIDEAR project for the summer 2021.

Juho is funded by Turku university Foundation

Prescillia Lemesle

MSc student, university of Montpellier & SupAgro Montpellier, France
2022: “From mother to egg: variability in maternal transfer of trace elements in Common Eider”, NTNU, Norway

Linda Aarnio

Vet student

Hanna Juslin

Trainee in the DISRUPT project 

WATBRO project

Clarisse Blanchet

2021: PhD student at AGFOREE under the co- supervision of Petri Nummi, Céline Arzel, Kimmo Kahilainen

2021: research assistant as part of the WATBRO project (4 months) funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation

2020: 2nd year of Master studies from Angers university for an internship of 6 months; “Assessment of the impact of forestry activities on water colour and identification of aquatic invertebrate communities of boreal lakes in the Evo area, Southern Finland”

2019: 1st year Master student from Angers University for an internship of 2 months on “Analysis of the effects of land use change on water quality and the impact of brownification on lake ecosystem”, Lammi Biological Station, Finland

Uma Sigdel

PhD student within the WATBRO project 2021-2025

2017-2019: Project Officer IUCN Nepal

2015-2017: MSc. in Environment Science (Specialization in Environment
Planning and Management), UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education,
Delft (Netherlands)

2012-2015: MEd. in Environment Education and Sustainable Development | Kathmandu University, School of Education,
Kathmandu (Nepal)

2012-2015: Program Officer Youth Alliance for Environment, Nepal

2010-2012: Youth Officer Alliance for Environment, Nepal



Basile Marteau

MSc student, University of Angers, France
2021: The impact of browning of surface waters on the coloration of the smooth Newt, Lissotriton vulgaris (Evo, Finland)

Jeanne Bosson

MSc student, Angers university, France
2022: impact of water browning on smooth newt, Lissotriton vulgaris, coloration, (Evo, Finland)

Morgane Ducoin

Msc student, Rennes 1 university, France
2021: Drainage network assessment and impact on the lakes’ brownification in Natura 2000 Evo zone, southern Finland
2022: Impact of browning on the abundance and diversity of aquatic invertebrates in temporary pools and beaver ponds from the Evo area (Finland).

Yagmur Simsek

BSc student, Kiehl, Germany
2022: impact of brownification on aquatic invertebrate community (Evo, Finland)

Aapo Palonen

Master thesis at the university of Helsinki on “Historical land use change in the Evo area – analyze of forestry archives”

Nathan Massez

Nathan carried out an internship of 4 months on the “Effect of water browning on lake ecosystems in the boreal zone”, at Lammi Biological Station, Finland in 2019 as part of his 2nd year of Environmental Engineering at the University Institute of Technology of Aix-Marseille, France.

40 years of bird survey in the Archipelago

Maiju Ylönen

2019_Master thesis: 40 vuoden aikana tapahtuneet muutokset saariston vesilinnustossa ja niiden yhteys ihmisen toimintaan