– Biodiversity and systemic transformation


BIODIFORM is a transdisciplinary research consortium that combines biodiversity research and business studies to provide sustainable solutions for the future. BIODIFORM is funded by the Academy of Finland (Profi6) and links to the University of Turku’s strategic research and education profile “Biodiversity and sustainability” 

Biodiversity is a prerequisite for all human life, providing us with air to breathe, clean water to drink, and food to eat. Nevertheless, we are facing a biodiversity crisis caused mainly by the humans of the developed world. As international goals for conserving biodiversity cannot be met with the current societal and economic trajectories, a systemic transformation is urgently needed.

Rapid population growth, overconsumption, and global business structures are among the root causes of the crisis. Therefore, biodiversity knowledge needs to be embedded into environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability research. In particular, the multiple ways in which biodiversity, society, economy, and business activities are intertwined need to be clarified.

This is the main challenge of BIODIFORM in a nutshell. We invite researchers across all UTU disciplines to join our network.

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