Start-ups for sustainable environment created by youngsters

CB851 ChangeMakers-Start-ups for sustainable environment created by youngsters



1.3.2020 – 30.11.2022




Total budget: € 1.391.148,03, ERDF co-financing: € 1.080.723,05

Lead Partner budget: € 364.531,60, ERDF co-financing: € 273.398,70



Aims and results

The project aims to enhance cross-border student mini-companies with focus on sustainable development on environmental challenges. The results of the project are to develop sustainable thinking and innovative competence on environmental sector of Finnish (inc. Åland), Estonian, Latvian and Swedish under 18-year-old students. This is supported by innovative activities and business development jointly with actions with CB business sector and industry. Totally 250 students will participate.The project’s result is the creation of 50 cross-border student companies as well as an open access ePlatform tool “ChangeMakers”