CB851 ChangeMakers – Start-ups for sustainable environment created by youngsters

All Central Baltic countries face the same cross-border challenge: society and business activities should operate on the environment based approach to be sustainable. ChangeMakers aims to enhance entrepreneurship mindset in youth and development of 50 cross-border mini-companies (i.e. student start-ups) with business plans.

These student’s start-up simulations are based on environmental challenges gained from local business and industry in project activities. From each country, 15-19-year-old students and teachers from upper secondary schools or vocational schools are attending the project. They will work in co-operation with each other, together with the experts from partners universities and mentors from enterprises and SMEs.

Totally 250 students will participate. The long-term tools established, developed, tested and improved in ChangeMakers and available beyond the project is an open access ePlatform tool “ChangeMakers” on 1) environmental aspects (safety, regulations, legislation) 2) facts on/for entrepreneurs (guideline how to do business and for distance communication), 3) tools for teachers for coaching their students on business making with sustainable elements and 4) pedagogical study module for vocational school and for upper secondary school.

Participating youngsters have built an entrepreneurship mindset to think out of the box within environmental challenges and business opportunities. The tools developed (as part of the ePlatform) and mindset will be shared wider in Central Baltic area and beyond using various communication channels such as social media.