Invite to the Research on the EU digital services and manufacturing industry – Response time expired on October 15!

This survey has been developed in collaboration with the Manufacturing Research Group of the University of Turku and an EU-level consortium project. This follow-up study was started by VTT in 2009 and is continuing at the request of the University of Turku. The study examines the competitiveness of firms in the digital revolution by placing the corresponding sectors on the same chalk line for general comparison.

By participating, you will be involved in developing a research-driven, unparalleled self-assessment method for the European Commission’s policy, enabling business leaders to increase their understanding of the competitive factors affecting their organization. Answering the survey is optional and takes about 30-60 minutes. You can skip answering and ask the research team for more information.

The answers you provide will be combined with the results recently collected as a reference for 2009 and will also be treated separately. Based on the information obtained from the organization, the risks specific to the sector are sought, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities. In the research phase, the identification data are pseudonymized, and the research data are analyzed only from a statistically high level. In this case, the individual organization’s data will not be reported at any stage, and no identifiable data will be disclosed to persons outside the research team. The answers are stored at the University of Turku. The analysis results are published in national and international scientific publications as policy recommendations.

We ask you to answer all the questions based on your assessment. Please answer as truthfully as possible! Please read each question or statement carefully and choose the most appropriate options to describe your business.

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding the research.


NOTE! All respondents are entitled to free survey results. Participating in the survey allows you to view your company’s position concerning the rest of the EU-level comparison for free.

The survey was closed on 15.10.2022


Image source: Close-up of a CNC machine laser cutting metal, Andrey Armyagov, 15.05.2018, University of Turku