No EMS research was yet been published from Finland until 2023, although EMS was collected in 2009. Here is Janne’s first publications from harmonization to the benchmarking platform:

  • Heilala, J., Salminen, A., Bessa, W. M., & Kantola, J. (2023a). Optimizing smart factories: A data-driven approach. Global Journal of Researches in Engineering: G, Industrial Engineering, 23(3), ICIE 2. Global Journals Inc.
  • Heilala, J., Bessa, W., Kantola, J. & Salminen, A. (2023b). An exploratory analysis of supply chain contracts on efficiency, simulation, and data analytics augmentation technologies. Journal of Advanced Management Science (JOAMS) Open Access. Publication Q1/2024.
  • Heilala, J., Bessa, W., Kantola, J. & Salminen, A. (2023c). The exploratory  impact of technology, organizational concepts, and employee training on business performance. Journal of Economics, Business and Management (JOEBM) Open Access. Publication Q2/2024.
  • Heilala, J., Kantola, J., Salminen, A., & Bessa, W. (2022c, December). Relocation activities for the development of employment and competitiveness situations. In 1st Australian International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. Australia, Sydney 16-18.12.2022.
  • Heilala, J., Krolas, P. & Gomes de Freitas, A. (2023d). Advanced engineering management based on intersectional R&D challenges on education: a case study for product classifications on shoring trends. Human Factors in Design, Engineering, and Computing with Taylor & Francis. Publication Q1. 2024

The volume of publications from the EU member states of the EMS consortium is notable, in addition to the fact that in the future, the material will be compiled on the Industrie Benchmarking platform, from which the results of the material will be quickly obtained to support the decision of business leaders. Read more about the Industriebenchmarking platform


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