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The Finnish Manufacturing Research

Finnish manufacturing research is coordinated by the Digital Manufacturing and Surface Engineering (DMS) research group at the University of Turku. Read more about DMS and our other research groups

In terms of Finnish manufacturing research, the University of Turku has a partnership with the European Manufacturing Survey (EMS) consortium. Read more about the background

This research alliance between 21 EU countries is coordinated at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI). Read more about international partners

Finnish manufacturing research aims to promote scientific knowledge in different areas of manufacturing sectors. The focus of the projects is evaluating the manufacturing industry in practice. Accordingly, we find out how universities should train future manufacturing professionals for the requirements of companies. Read more about the publications

In the future, Finnish manufacturing research activities will include close cooperation with the government’s flagship projects with business communities. Read more about visions

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The research survey 2022 is now closed. Read more about the past research setup