Femto Group @ UTU

Femto is a research group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku. It is a part of Materials Research Laboratory and led by Prof. Edwin Kukk.

We are working on single molecules, clusters, nanoparticles, surfaces and solids. We study fragmentation dynamics of molecules in gas-phase, effects of liquid treatments on solids, iron-chromium alloys, and we collaborate with other research groups on their research. We also offer materials research services to companies.

We calculate, code, build, experiment, analyze, write and teach. We work in our home laboratory and at large international accelerator facilities – synchrotrons and free electron lasers.


Femto group is offering a stipend for research in potential radiosensitizers:

The grant is for research of potential radiosensitizer drug molecules, in particular for data treatment and analysis. Includes preliminary technical data treatment of electron-ion coincidence measurements at the Ion TOF-laboratory in Turku and at the MAX-IV synchrotron. M.Sc. or equvalent in physics or chemicstry and familiarity with photoinduced molecular dynamics and gas-phase coincidence measurements is required.
The amount of the grant is 500 €. The applications, specifying the qualifications and related experience, must be submitted by email to and the selection will be made by the head of the Materials Research Laboratory, prof. Edwin Kukk. This call is opened on Nov. 9th, 2022 and closes on Nov. 23rd, 2022.