Research projects

The focus of the research of Femto group:

Dynamic response of organic molecules

In the research project of the Academy of Finland, led by Prof. Edwin Kukk, we follow, in the femto and picosecond timescales, the dynamic response of organic molecules to the x-ray or UV radiation. The purpose is to understand the nature of these omnipresent processes at a fundamental level, and at the same time to obtain insight into their practical consequences, such as the deterioration of materials under the influence of radiation (light). For more information, contact Prof. Edwin Kukk or Johannes Niskanen.

Molecular mechanisms of radiosensitizers used in cancer therapy

In Prof. Edwin Kukk’s project we study what kind of molecular-level mechanisms are at play when the so-called radiosensitizer-molecules are used in cancer therapy. One of the goals here is to find new, more efficient molecular compounds. For more information, contact Prof. Edwin Kukk or Johannes Niskanen.

Iron-chromium alloys

Iron-chromium alloys are the base components of various stainless steel grades and thus modify properties of steel materials. In order to fully exploit stainless steel in technological applications, a detailed understanding of material is needed. For more information, contact Sari Granroth.

Research-business co-operation

We take part in the international project CAROTS (Commercial Analytical Research Organisations Transnational Strategy) that aims to establish a new type of academia-business co-operation by establishing intermediary operators between industry and universities. The goal is to provide enterprises much quicker yet complete assistance in analytical research in areas like New Materials, NanoTech and Life Sciences and thus significantly expedite innovation. CAROTS builds on the findings of the previous INTERREG funded projects Baltic TRAM  and Science Link. For more information, contact Taina Laiho.