KIDISAFE – safety and security for early childhood education

What an earth is KIDISAFE?

  • we research safety and security in early childhood education
  • we develop  safety protocols  for the PIKKUNORSSI kindergarten
  • we cooperate with the Rescue Services of Satakunta
  • we will create a model for how fire departments can educate little children


KIDISAFE publications and materials

We carry out mini-lectures on safety in early childhood education. The focus is on fire safety. The mini-lectures are held in Finnish, but you might be interested in the references. If so, learn more   here.

We collaborate

  • University of Turku, Department of Teacher Education in Rauma
  • Satakunta Fire and Rescue Services
  • PIKKUNORSSI kindergarten

The project period

1.8.2020 – 30.3.2022


  • Fire Protection Fund
  • Rescue Services of Satakunta
  • University of Turku, Rauma campus


Thank you Mikko Puolitaival for your contribution to the KIDISAFE logo.