KREPRO conducts research on knowledge creation processes in economic geography and development studies. The key concepts in our studies include space, place, mobilities, locations and changing distances. With a geographical approach, we analyze the processes of knowledge creation, innovation, and creativity as part of urban and rural spaces, knowledge societies, regional development and innovation-based development policies.

KREPRO core expertise – spatio-temporal analysis of knowledge creation processes:

  • mobilities and rhythms
  • peripheries, remote locations and urban centers, changing distances and proximities
  • spatial dimensions from physical/geographical to social, cognitive and digital
  • regional and social structuring of innovation systems
  • industrial systems and clusters, regional development and transport logistics

We are located in the Section of Geography of the University of Turku, but our empirical research, colleagues, and collaborations spread beyond disciplines and around the world from the Global South to Global North. We investigate the economic and human activity of different scales in space and time; from small towns and remote areas to economic hotspots and urban centers, and from individual micro-geographies to global-level value chains.

Contact us at krepro(at)

(Mainbanner photo: Earth at night 2016. NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens. Equirectangular projection.)