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Researchers of KREPRO

Lucía Gómez Charry Project researcher, Doctoral student

Areas of expertise:
Urban economic development; Technological advancement​​​; Urban sustainability

Lauri Hooli Senior lecturer+358 29 450 3574

Areas of expertise:
Innovation policies and innovation systems in Southern Africa; Innovation-focused development; Global North-South knowledge
creation processes

Tommi Inkinen Professor+358 29 450 2066

Areas of expertise:
Innovation geography; Urban technology; Maritime studies; Industrial systems

Jussi Jauhiainen Professor+358 29 450 2098

Areas of expertise:
Knowledge creation and learning along asylum-related journeys; Innovation policies and innovation systems in Africa and Europe; Innovation and regional policies in Finland

Tikli Loivaranta Doctoral student+358 29 450 3577

Areas of expertise:
Development studies; posthumanism; community forests; biocultural heritages

Päivi Oinas Adjunct Professor+358 29 450 2576

Areas of expertise:
Innovation districts; Innovation systems in space; Cluster transformation; Management geography; Corporate responsibility; Socio-spatial embeddedness of economic action

Oliver Tomassi Doctoral researcher+358 50 472 1333

Areas of expertise:
Human and urban geography; Development studies; Natural resources; Mixed methods

Roosa Wingström Doctoral researcher

Areas of expertise:
Geographies of creativity and innovation; Mobilities; GIS methods in time-geography; AI and Future technologies;


Hanna Heino Postdoctoral researcher
Johanna Hautala Adjunct professor, Academy Research
Riina Lundman
Riina Lundman Postdoctoral Researcher
Minna-Liina Ojala Project researcher, Doctoral student