Mila Oiva is a cultural historian and an expert on Russian and Polish history. She is currently working as a post-doctoral scholar at the CUDAN Open Lab at the Tallinn University, Estonia. Her research interests focus on circulation of information. She is involved in projects studying the phenomenon through the 19th-century global news flows, contemporary Finnish and Russian internet forum discussions on medieval history, and the Cold War era transnational information circulation. ORCID:

Hannu Salmi is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Turku, and was nominated Academy Professor for the years 2017–2021. He is a historian of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the author of, for example, Nineteenth-Century Europe: A Cultural History (2008) and What is Digital History? (2020).

Bruce Johnson’s current research lies in music, acoustic cultural history and the emergence of modernity. He is a jazz musician and has been an arts policy advisor to Australian state and federal governments; and with Hannu Salmi was the co-founder of the International Institute for Popular Culture.