Young People’s Everyday Experiences of Poverty

What’s it about?

We are organizing research data collection and a competition on the topic of poverty in the daily lives of young people. We gather poverty experiences of ordinary young people aged 15-21. The aim is to increase the understanding of youth poverty in Finland.

What must I do?

We ask that you write freely and in your own words about your experiences of poverty in your everyday life and how to cope with experienced poverty. It’s important that you write about your own experiences and give a rough estimate on when they happened. We also encourage you to write if Finnish is your second language. We appreciate writings of all kind!


The research data collection and the competition period is active 5.10.2022-9.12.2022. At the end of the competition period, the research team will anonymize the writings and make a pre-selection of the writings. The texts selected by the research team will be evaluated by the jury, which will make the final selection of the texts to be awarded.

You can choose to participate in either a collection or a competition, or both. You can also get a thank-you gift if you want. The writings are collected in cooperation with the Penna data-archive. You can participate in the collection of research material [here].

Privacy Policy (in Finnish)

Contact information:

Anna-Maria Isola,


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