Older Individuals' Health, Nursing and Services

Older Individuals’ Health, Nursing and Services

Research programme on Older Individuals’ Health, Nursing and Services developes new knowledge and understanding of individual’s health, nursing care and complex service systems for older individuals from the viewpoints of older individuals, professionals and organisations. This programme is based on the recognition of ageing population and shares interest in older individuals, their health, health determinants and promotion of health, independence and self-management in different environments. Furthermore, the interest is in the nursing care of older individuals with chronic and acute illnesses in different contexts.

Head of the Programme

Riitta Suhonen Professorriisuh@utu.fi
Minna Stolt University Lecturer, Docentminna.stolt@utu.fi

RightTimePlaceCare 2010-2013

RTPC meeting in Turku 20.-22.5.2013


RightTimePlaceCare aims to

  • develop best practice strategies for transition from formal professional home care to institutional long-term nursing care facilities
  • increase the quality of intersectorial information delivery
  • deliver cost-effective high quality dementia long-term care

Main results of RightTimePlaceCare (2010-2013)

Individualised Care Scale

​Short description

The Individualised Care Scale (ICS) is an instrument used for measuring individualised care either from patients’ (ICS-Patient) or from nurses’ (ICS-Nurse) perspective. Both of the scale versions consist of 34 items divided in two dimensions. Items are rated on a 5-point Likert type scale. Higher points indicate more individualized care.


ICS-Patient is available in the following languages: Chinese, Czech language, English (American, Australian, British) Flemish, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

ICS-Nurse is available in the following languages: Czech language, English (American, Australian, British, Canadian) Flemish, Finnish, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

In addition to these versions listed, a research projects are on their way in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Oman, Japan, Saudi-Arabia, Slovakia and France.


Permission to use the Individualised Care Scale (Nurse and Patient version) for non-commercial, research purposes is granted by the copyright holders. The instructions for the instrument may be edited as appropriate for the sample(s) and it is possible to use any demographic information the users wish. However, either item wording or scaling options may not be changed without permission from the copyright holders. Semantic and language validation is naturally permitted. The ownership of any edited versions of the instrument will remain with copyright holders and a copy of the edited version should be provided.

The instrument itself may not be duplicated or reproduced in any publications as the owned right for publication lays with a journal and university series. For archiving purposes, a copy of or information about any published manuscripts or abstracts of presentations that reference the ICS are appreciated. All published work must contain the following credit:

  • ICS-Patient: Suhonen R, Leino-Kilpi H &Välimäki M. 2005. Development and psychometric properties of the Individualised Care Scale. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 11(1), 7-20.
  • ICS-Nurse: Suhonen R, Gustafsson M-L, Katajisto J, Välimäki M &Leino-Kilpi H. 2010. Individualised Care Scale – Nurse version: A Finnish validation study. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (1), 145-154.