The Clinical Learning Environment, Supervision and Nurse Teacher Scale, CLES+T
The original version, Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision Scale (CLES),  was published in 2002 by Mikko Saarikoski. The more extensive version of the Scale, CLES+T Scale (2008), includes also the sub-dimension of the role of the nurse teacher in the clinical practice. The CLES scales are translated altogether into 30 languages and have been used in over 50 countries by approx. 100 researchers.

Evaluation of Requirements of Nurse Teachers Scale, ERNT
The ERNT Scale was published in 2000 by Leena Salminen and it is translated into multiple languagaes (English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovakian and Polish).

Student-Patient Relationship Scales, SPR
The SPR Scale was published in 2007 by Arja Suikkala. The scale examines the
relationship between nursing students and patients and the factors associated with the type of this relationship. The SPR Scale is translated into English.

Competence in Research Utilization Scale, CompRU
The CompRU Scale was published in 2005 by Asta Heikkilä. The scale examines the research utilization competence in nursing. The CompRU Scale is translated into English, Polish and Slovenien.

Patient Observation Skills in Critical Care Nursing (POS-CCN) In Finnish: Tarkkailutaidot Tehohoitotyössä, TarkkaTeho
The scale was developed by Mika Alastalo and it was published 2019 and 2021. The scale assesses critical care nurses’ skills in observing a patient’s clinical condition.
Mika Alastalo’s doctoral thesis:

Request of using the Scales:
The scales are free to use after formal permission to use.

CLES+T: please contact Doctoral candidate Camilla Strandell-Laine,
ERNT: please contact Professor Leena Salminen,
SPR: please contact PhD, Docent Arja Suikkala,
CompRU: please contact PhD, Researcher Asta Heikkilä,
POS-CCN: please contact PhD Mika Alastalo,