Note, some of the sites linked can only be found in Finnish, most also in English.

Ongoing projects

Human Diversity project (2023–): Research on how human contacts influence culture, genes, evolutionary fitness, disease burden and trangenerational effects.

BEDLAN: A research group (2009–) focusing on biological evolution and the diversification of languages.

Past projects

Argeopop: A project (2009–2013) on Finnish prehistory reconstructed in the light of archaeological and population genetic data, funded by Finnish Academy.

Life histories in teeth: A project (2015–2018) exploring new resources in Finnish isotope archaeology and adapting them into the research of prehistoric periods (in Finnish).

Kipot ja kielet / Pots and languages: A project (2019–) for collecting archaelogical and linguistic material for the research of human history (in Finnish).

URKO (2020–2022): Integrative research on human history in the Uralic language speaker area.


Kalmistopiiri: News and posts about burial archaeology and human osteology (in Finnish)

Fine-scale genetic structure in Finland before 1950s: Based on genomes of present Finns, geographical substructre visualized on map.

Viikon juttu: Topical writings about health and science (in Finnish).