Doctoral dissertations

Diffusion-weighted and functional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in preterm and term-born adolescents

Cognitive development of very preterm born children at 11 years of age

Prediction of neurodevelopment and neuromotor trajectories in very preterm born children up to 11 years of age: PIPARI Study

Psychological well-being of the parents and child development, behavior, and quality of life in very low birth weight infants

The Association between Growth and Neurodevelopment in Very Preterm Infants – A Follow-up Study in the PIPARI Study

Diffusion Tensor Imaging as a Diagnostic and Research Tool: A Study on Preterm Infants

Cognitive Development of Very Low Birth Weight Children from Infancy to Pre-school Age

Cognitive and neuropsychological outcome in relation to brain imaging findings in very low birth weight children

The Vulnerable Brain and Very Preterm Infants – Findings from the PIPARI-Study

Early relationship between very preterm infant and mother: The role of infant, maternal and dyadic factors

Antenatal inflammation and brain pathology in preterm infants

Language in Acquisition : Early Lexical Development and Associations between Lexicon and Grammar : Findings from Full-Term and Very-Low-Birth-Weight Finnish Children