How to Work in Finland – self study package

As part of the UNICOM-project, Uniting companies and international university talents, the Career Services offer a self study career coaching package “How to Work in Finland” in English. The self study materials focus on identifying your skills and how to find a job in Finland. The self study package is suitable for international degree students, doctoral candidates, Ph. D’s and post docs

You will learn about:

  • The Finnish work culture
  • How the Finnish labour market works

The materials will also help you discover more about: 

  • Your strengths, skills and career interests
  • Job seeking in Finland
  • Writing an appealing CV and cover letter
  • Conducting a job interview

The How to Work in Finland -self study package is found on Moodle and you can complete it in your own pace.
The UNICOM-project is funded by the European Union (ESF) and the participation requires you to fill in a start note and a finish note. These documents are also found on Moodle.

The UNICOM-project aims to increase the labor market’s openness and attractiveness to highly educated international talents already living in the region. Read more about the project and its actions: UNICOM – Uniting Companies and International University Talents – Career in Southwest Finland