The Power of Internships

International students face unique challenges when studying here in Finland. Navigating a new culture and language, excelling academically, and understanding residence permit regulations can be overwhelming. However, one essential aspect often overlooked is the role of internships in shaping future employment opportunities. Below, we present why internships matter and how to efficiently look for one.

Why internships matter

Real-world Experience: Internships provide hands-on exposure to work environments, allowing you to apply your academic knowledge and develop practical skills.

Networking: Internships offer a platform to build your professional network. By working alongside industry experts, colleagues, and mentors, you will forge connections that may lead to future job opportunities, both locally and internationally.

Cultural Competence: As an international student, you bring a global perspective and diverse background to any workplace. An internship is a good opportunity to learn about the Finnish working life and its peculiarities.

How to efficiently look for an internship

Learn about the job market: Research what kind of companies and organisations operate in the region. Use search engines, news and information you gather around when talking with others.

Apply strategically: Always customise your application (CV and cover letter) to match the organisation’s values and requirements. Look for internships that align with your interests in organisations that, in your opinion, seem interesting. Many times, it is more efficient to apply properly for five positions instead of sending your general application to 50.

Network: Finland is a small country and connections are informal. In addition to attending industry-related meet-ups and events, it is a good idea to also connect with people outside the academic world, in you free time, hobbies etc.

Stay Persistent: Looking for a job or an internship takes time and is competitive. Rejections are common. It is ok to feel bad and frustrated, but bare in mind that your mood affects your next applications.

Career Services: Seek guidance and take part in info sessions (online/on-site) by the UTU Career Services in order to get useful tools and tips when it comes to customising your application in a way that appeals to Finnish employers.

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