What on earth is a mentoring programme?

In this text, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions related to mentoring programme.

The mentoring programme is a course where you can reflect on your work life goals and career opportunities with an expert from your field i.e. mentor. The programme for 2024 starts in January and ends in June. Application for the mentoring programme is open from September 11th to October 22,2023.

What happens in the mentoring program?

Mentee-mentor pairs are formed in this programme. Students participating in the mentoring program are called mentees. The key to mentoring is to think about your own discussion need and to prepare a plan for the duration of the program with the mentor.  Each mentoring relationship is unique. The program includesa few meetings common to all participants, such as the kick-off and final meeting. However, at the heart of the programme are the meetings agreed upon you (the mentee) and the mentor, which can be held within your own schedules for approx. 5-8 times during the program.

Who can apply for the mentoring program?

The mentoring program is intended for Master’s degree students.

Who can be my mentor?

We try to find a suitable mentor for you i.e. an experienced expert who meets your professional wishes. You can make wishes, for example, about the field of expertise, location or industry.

What benefits can a mentoring program provide?

In the mentoring program, you learn to identify and articulate your skills as well as work opportunities and factors affecting your career path. The participant receives support from an expert with the transition from university studies to working life. You can talk for example about skills, job hunting, management or career planning with your mentor.

Can I earn study credits?

Yes indeed! It is possible to get 2 credits from the mentoring program and the course can be found in the study guide: https://opas.peppi.utu.fi/en/course/REKRY5/91127?period=2022-2024

A tip for our mentoring ambassador:

When applying, you should think about what field you want a mentor from, what kind of things you want to go through with the mentor and what you expect from the program. This way you can ensure that get the most out of the mentoring.

Questions about the mentoring program?

You can send question about the mentoring program to mentorointi@utu.fi. We also answer questions on Rekry’s Instagram page @uturekry on a ASK ABOUT MENTORING PROGRAM-day on 26th of September from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Read more about the application instructions and apply for the 2024 mentoring program in Intranet. Apply no later than 22.10.2023.