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From model school to teacher training school over the course of 120 years

Over the years, the name of the school has changed many times before the current name “Rauma Teacher Training School” was adopted. The building in the foreground of the picture was referred to as a “model school” when it was built in the end of the 19th century and it belongs to a group of culturohistorically significant academic buildings. An annex built in the 1950’s connects it to what is now the new teacher training school, which was completed in 1997.

Seminarinmäki is protected by the National Board of Anquities

The current Rauma Campus of the University of Turku is designated as “Myllymäki” by local town residents. Schooling began there in 1898 after the founding of the institute for educating elementary school teachers (Opettajaseminaari).

The institute’s male teacher students practiced the noble skills of teaching at the model school and even our modern-day students are taught amongst beautiful old buildings in a unique environment.

From the 19th century to the 2020’s

The slideshow presents a picture of the town of Rauma in the 19th century and shows the effects of starting an institute for teacher education (1896) on children’s schooling. The history of the teacher training school is an important part of the history of a developing university town.

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Photos: Matti Varjo