Basic Education

We raise future experts and leaders who work together and respect each other

Rauma Teacher Training School implements high-quality, curriculum-based teaching that utilizes knowledge from research and guides pupils in a diverse way. A strong base of knowledge and skills enable a sustainable learning path.

The objectives for different subjects highlight the seven transversal competences and each school may determine what to emphasize. As a UNESCO school, we emphasize cultural competence, interaction, and expression. We also act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and emphasize participation, making a difference, and building a sustainable future. In addition, in the school’s daily routines we use modern technology in an up-to-date digital environment and we emphasize ICT (Information and Communications Technology) expertise in our teaching.

In the Rauma Teacher Training School a pupil can choose either a language or skill-oriented track when entering school. The language track is implemented in English and the skill-oriented track emphasizes art and skills subjects. Our school also has a wide range of languages and electives.

As teacher training school, we have teacher students who are an asset that enriches the activities of our community. Teachers who are strongly committed to their work have trained as instructors to support students’ growth in teaching through involvement and interaction.

Photo: Hanna Oksanen / Communications