Options for pupils

The pupils at the Rauma Teacher Training School have a lot of options. Our language offerings are diverse and the scope of the elective studies varies. Information about electives is provided to pupils and guardians at events and through Wilma. You can read more about subjects and their evaluation in the curriculum. For more information on electives, see Chapter 12.

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Focused language and skills-oriented teaching

In the first grade the pupil and guardians choose from one of two tracks that are implemented during grades 1-6: language oriented or skills-oriented teaching.

In language-oriented teaching the target language is English.

In skills-oriented teaching there is an emphasis on art and skills-based learning.

Language selection

Starting from the first grade all pupils study English as a foreign language.

In the Rauma Teacher Training school, starting in fourth grade you can choose either German or French as an optional language. The number of participants determines which language is chosen.

Staring in the seventh grade pupils can select an extended English language course.

Starting in eight grade pupils can choose between German and French as an optional language.

Options in grades 4-6

Language options can be found in the language selection section above.

A pupil studying in the skill-oriented track can choose optional physical activity, visual arts, handicrafts, home economics, information technology or drama in the 5th or 6th grade.

Options in grades 7-9

Language options can be found in the language selection section above.

Starting in eighth grade pupils can choose between physical education, music, visual arts, handicrafts, and home economics.

It is also possible to choose an optional course other than a subject: drama or information technology.

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