UNESCO school

As a UNESCO school, Rauma Teacher Training School emphasizes cultural heritage education which aims to create and develop a way of thinking that values and respects biodiversity, the environment, and cultural heritage.

The school has a separate plan for local World Heritage Sites Old Rauma and Sammallahdenmäki (a Bronze Age burial site). Both sites are visited and researched from the perspective of different school subjects with an experiential, learning by doing, approach.

Visits to World Heritage Sites are carried out every school year.

Grades 1 to 2

In the first grade, you can get to know the Rauma market square. In the second grade, we get to know the buildings of the Kirsti Home Museum, living in Old Rauma and the Church of the Holy Cross.

Grades 3 to 6

In the third grade, pupils visit the Town Hall and the fourth graders get to know Old Rauma.

Fifth-graders visit the Marela museum for a look at the turn of 20th century history and get acquainted with the craft tradition of the Rauma region, especially lace making. Also, pupils make an excursion to Sammallahdenmäki (a Bronze Age burial site).

Sixth-graders will also explore other UNESCO sites, the medieval cityscape and cultural heritage, as well as church styles. The handicraft tradition of the Rauma region is explored from the perspective of renovation.

Grades 7 – 9

In the seventh grade, two of the following sites are selected: Kirsti Museum, Marela Museum, Rauma Maritime Museum, Vuojoki Manor, or Vasarainen Local History Museum Muina. Eighth graders choose items related to 20th-century history. Ninth graders will visit Rauma City Hall and service point Pyyrmanni.

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Photos: Matti Varjo