Green Flag school

Rauma Teacher Training School was approved in autumn 2007 as a Green Flag school implementing a sustainable development program.  The green flag is also an international eco-label for education, and a participant who meets the criteria of the program is entitled to use their Green Flag banner. The green flag is part of the international Eco-Schools program, which operates in almost all European countries and is expanding to other continents.

The Rauma Teacher Training School has a Green Flag group with student representatives from different classes. They monitor the amount and sorting of energy waste and make instructions regarding environmental issues. The group brainstorms different activities: a day of remembering, garden events and spring cleaning. In the Rauma Teacher Training School, the activities are linked to the educational gardening program and it is even possible to go bird watching.

The school has had big Green Flag themes, around which multi-disciplinary learning packages have been built. The Baltic Sea and other nearby waters are often researched and both everyday activities and teaching takes recycling into account.

Green Flag activities increase understanding and help to maintain and develop a sustainable future.

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Photo: Matti Varjo