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Applying for school at Rauma Teacher Training School in first grade happens through the town of Rauma’s central application system. Pupils can enroll in either a language or skill-oriented track for grades 1-6. Pupils are also asked about secondary choices for schools.

Skill-oriented teaching emphasizes arts, skills, and active learning, and provides varying possibilities for expression. There is a wider variety of subjects in skill-oriented teaching compared with language-oriented teaching.

Language-oriented teaching refers to large scale bilingual teaching using English as the target language. The foreign language is used in such a way that it does not endanger pupils’ learning in Finnish. It should be noted that this A1 English requires 1 more hour per week than in the skill-oriented teaching.

If a pupil wishes to join the school after the first grade, please contact the Principal of Basic Education, Juha Ståhlberg, regarding availability.

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The Rauma Teacher Training School is a comprehensive school which is part of Turku University. The school is centrally located in the middle of town and teaches pupils in basic education from grades 1 to 9.

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The Rauma Teacher Training School is safe, comfortable and provides diverse learning environments. Each pupil has access to a personal tablet. In addition, for a fee, the school offers care for children in the morning and after school in the Leppis (Leppis is a nickname for ladybug in Finnish) after school club.

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Juha Ståhlberg principal, basic education+358 50 577 8199