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Rauma Teacher Training School is a comprehensive school that teaches pupils in basic education from grades 1 to 9. The school is centrally located in a culturohistorically valuable location that the local residents call “Myllymäki”. Rauma Teacher Training School belongs to the Rauma Campus as an important part of the Faculty of Education of Turku University. Students from the Rauma campus complete their teacher training at the Rauma Teacher Training School which is also informally referred to as “Rauman Norssi”.

As a university teacher training school, multiculturalism, educational export, regional influence, extensive networking, active development, and a close link to research are emphasized.

For more than 120 years our school has operated as a flexible, dynamic school that continually develops and renews its operating culture. Our modern school utilizes a wide range of learning environments and ICT (information and communications technology) to meet future development and demands.

As both a UNESCO and Green Flag school, we cherish sustainable development, cultural values and remaining close to nature for which the nationally unique garden of Rauma Campus provides an excellent opportunity.

Inclusion, being active and good communication skills have always been a strength of the Rauma Teacher Training School community and are a visible part of our operations. Equality, equity, and the well-being of all the members of the school community are important values for us. As a school with approximately 360 pupils, Rauman Norssi has maintained its warmth and community spirit and offers its pupils plenty of opportunities to study and further their hobbies and interests.

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Photo: Matti Varjo