Skill-oriented classes

Skill-oriented classes learn by doing, experiencing, and seeing

In skill-based teaching, in grades 1-6, the goal is to learn to identify one’s own strengths and to see and experiment creatively. The teaching uses diverse working methods and different forms of expression, and various projects are carried out that enable the idea-rich use of one’s own skills.

The pupil is allowed to try a variety of different ways to study and learn. In grades 1 to 4 there is a focus on fine arts, crafts, and music. The pupils in grades 5 to 6 have electives in visual arts, crafts, music, sports, home economics, and information and communication technology.

Cooperation is especially established with the teacher training school and the seminar garden, as well as with hobby groups, and the town of Rauma.

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Sharing your own knowledge

The pupil utilizes his or her own know-how and shares his or her knowledge with others.

Own identity

Strengthens the pupil’s preconditions for knowing and valuing oneself and for the formation of one’s own identity

Being active, experiential, and working together

The main goal is the pupil’s responsibility for his or her own work and group activities, as well as development in self-assessment.

Different ways of learning

The pupil experiments with a variety of ways to study and learn.

Opportunities to influence

The pupil is offered opportunities to use his or her own ideas in joint projects. In grades 5-6, pupils are allowed to choose electives.

Interaction and expression

Pupils are encouraged to express themselves and are given opportunities to practice working with a wide variety of people.

Skill-focused classes can do a wide variety of things with the joy of a “We can!” attitude

  • come up with ideas and plan clubs run by the pupils themselves
  • do get-to-know you, grouping, and interaction exercises
  • create plays and different roles devised by pupils
  • increase knowledge and skills in home economics
  • practice playing, performing, and creatively producing music
  • design and implement different types of exercise programs based upon pupil’s own interests
  • designing things and use a sewing machine in a variety of handicrafts

The skill-oriented class pupils grow to boldly do things and express themselves!

Skill-focused classes brochure in Finnish (pdf-file in Finnish)