International Safe School

Rauma Teacher Training School was accepted as a member of the International Safe Schools network in 2019. The school is constantly developing safety and aims to activate everyone in the community to create and maintain a safe educational institution and learning environment. The most important thing is to prevent and prepare in advance for possible crisis situations.

The school’s security team has teachers, other staff, pupils, a guardians’ representative, and a campus security manager. The group designs and organizes participatory security activities and makes safety guidelines. To develop safety, cooperation is carried out with other members of our campus and as part of national development work.

Preparation for possible crisis situation

In case of a crisis situation at Rauman normaalikoulu the school staff will guide the students either out of the building to an assigned gathering area or alternatively to take shelter inside. The staff will take care of the students at all times.

During a potential crisis situation guardians should avoid overloading the networks with excessive communication. In case of unexpected events, please wait calmly as further information will be communicated as soon as possible via Wilma and the school website.

Authorities take over the responsibility as soon as they arrive. Depending on the situation, further information may become available on authorities’ information channels:

  • Twitter: @Satapelastus
  • Twitter: @L_S_poliisi
  • Radio in case of a general emergency

Wait calmly. Your child may have for example left their phone in their bag while evacuating. We will notify you of any unexpected events at school as soon as possible.

Please note that these guidelines are shared proactively in preparation for a potential crisis situation at school. Right now we are not anticipating any such situation, but do our best to be prepared in case such a situation occurs.

We are constantly improving our preparation for any potential crisis situations.