Plans and instructions

Maintaining a calm school environment and organizational procedures

Rauma Teacher Training School has procedural system in place to maintain a calm school environment:

  • Rules of procedure drawn up in accordance with the guidelines issued by the National Board of Education in 2016
  • Recess instructions and other good behavioral guidelines and road safety instructions
  • Disciplinary procedures and penalties used by the school
  • Guidelines for breaches of the Rules of Procedure

The rules, guidelines and functional descriptions in the procedural system guarantee equal and equitable treatment of pupils.

View the procedural system for a calm school environment  (pdf file in Finnish)

Bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence

Pupils have the right to a safe learning environment. Tackling bulling, harassment, discrimination and violence is an essential part of security. Rauma Teacher Training School is part of the KiVa Anti-bullying network.

View the plan (pdf file in Finnish).








Intervening in absences

The regulations require the school to monitor absences and to especially address unauthorized absences. The guardian is responsible for the pupil completing his or her compulsory education.

Often the harmful effect of absences becomes visible over time. During the entire basic education, due to the pupil’s absences, participation in teaching may be reduced by one year or more. For older pupils, the absence of a single day already hinders the progression of many subjects.

In addition to learning, the school is a place of growing and working together where daily activities are discussed and handled through communication.

Of course, everyone must be absent due to illness or other compelling reasons which is classified as an authorized absence. In this case, the guardian puts a note in Wilma to notify the school about the absence no later than 12 noon on the day of the absences. If there is no notification in Wilma, the teacher will determine whether the guardian is aware of the pupil’s absence.

A guardian may apply for an authorized absence for a period of 1-5 days directly from the class teacher or homeroom teacher. For periods that are longer than 5 days permission must be granted by the Principal of Basic Education. The request form for authorized absences can be found in Wilma.

In the Rauma Teacher Training School, it has been decided that if a pupil has accumulated several hours of absences in relatively short time, the matter must be discussed with the guardian. The aim is to provide support regarding the absences if they are related to, for example, the following: difficulties, bullying, managing in daily life, or concern about the pupil’s mood and well-being.

A positive attitude toward school attendance and studying is the most effective way to reduce possible unauthorized absences. It is important to address changes regarding school attendance in a timely manner!

Read about instructions for absences in more detail (pdf file in Finnish).

Safety and accidents

Safety education and taking care of safety require continuous development of operations and environmental management. The responsible actions of every member of the school community reduce risk situations. The school’s pupils and staff are insured against accidents.

The school has separate guidelines for preventing accidents, providing first aid and treatment.

Read the instructions (pdf file in Finnish)

School transport and waiting time for club activities

School transportation for Rauma Teacher Training School pupils is only provided under special circumstances (such as medical conditions or other impediments).

Pupils attending school activities, such as clubs or morning and afternoon activities, are covered by insurance. The waiting time for clubs is not considered school time. Staying on school grounds after a school day is not covered by school insurance.

Read the instructions in more detail (pdf file in Finnish).


Smoking and intoxicants

The role of the school is to provide guidance regarding a healthy lifestyle. Children and young people are educated about the dangers of smoking and substance use in an age-appropriate manner.

The school procedures prohibit smoking and the use of tobacco products on school grounds. There are separate instructions for suspected use and observation of use.

The school follows the guidelines drawn up by the town of Rauma regarding drug use or suspicion of drug use.

Read the instructions about smoking and intoxicants  (pdf file in Finnish).

Read the instructions about suspected drug use (pdf file in Finnish).

Guidance plan for student counselling


Student guidance is an everyday activity related to working, learning, managing learning strategies, and helping with educational choices. It enables the pupil to become an expert in his or her own learning, knowledge, and skills.

Student counselling is a subject in grades 7    to 9

View the curriculum (pdf file in Finnish)

The pupil given guidance about future study possibilities and work life in an organized way.

View the curriculum (pdf file in Finnish)


Equality and equity plan

No one is discriminated against in an equal and equitable school!

The equality and equity plan for teacher training schools is revised annually in cooperation with staff and pupils. The student welfare group is responsible for refining the plan and implementing the operations.


Read more about the equality and non-discrimination plan. (pdf file in Finnish)

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