Language-oriented classes

Language-oriented classes are taught using English

There has been language-oriented teaching in the Rauma Teacher Training school since 1992. In the language-oriented grades 1-6, at least 25% of the instruction is given in English therefore it is a unique way of learning the language. English is used in the teaching of all subjects except mother tongue and literature. Pupils always learn to read and write in Finnish.

Early language teaching from the 1st grade onwards is implemented in both skill- and language-focused classes in the same way as in all Finnish schools. Language emphasis is a strong addition to language learning.

Language-based teaching is suitable for all pupils. However, pupils who have their own desire to study things in a foreign language also benefit the most. Tolerance of uncertainty and sufficient skills in the Finnish language are an advantage. It is important that the child’s guardians also commit to and support the child in his or her studies.

Studying in two languages strengthens language skills, motivates, and provides an additional challenge. Learning progresses through the years, from concrete situations to more challenging use of a foreign language. English will become a tool for learning and will support lifelong learning.

All pupils (not just those in language-focused classes) can choose extended English language classes in grades 7-9.


In language-focused classes language skills can be developed through the “Express yourself and Dare!” activity

  • create a positive attitude towards learning English
  • encourage the use of even minor language skills
  • expand vocabulary from different topics
  • provide plenty of opportunities to hear, speak, read, and write English
  • direct towards long-term work by using a foreign language

Language class pupils grow into brave foreign language users!

Language-oriented classes brochure (pdf-file)